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ROG FUSE (250 gms) - Get Your Lost Energy Power Back with Ayurveda

INR. 2150/-

ROG FUSE is only solution to Find and regain your lost Energy power back with the help of Ayurveda

Why Rog fuse?

In today's world, on one side, people have been doing the same day together for their work, Her healthy body is constantly being subjected to many physical problems, The biggest reason for this is our changing life style and our catering in which many kinds of diseases occur in the body due to various types of matter and other adulterated substances, Keeping that in mind, Nimbroz Pharmacy has prepared of pure nutrition and herbs (ROG FUSE) Which will not only break the hundreds of diseases in our body but also provide a new energy to the healthy body, to make our body completely healthy,

Note - Use continuous six months for better results,

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Hundred illness,One Solution,

Today, in this busy schedule of life, we may not be able to give ourselves a better health along with whole family. although we work hard entire day for our family.

Even after that we ourselves are responsible for this, today our lives have changed to a very large extent, even the unroutine habit of food has changed completely, the result is also in front of us,

At the very young age, we are also getting confused with life's confusion, and serious illness, a large part of the hard earned money is not safe even after spending on doctors fees, checking reports, English medicine, followed by The biggest reason is that catering to large quantities of adulteration and hazardous chemicals are being used, due to which all of us are suffering from serious diseases.

Like heart attacks, blockages, sugar, asthma, cancer, liver failure , cholesterol, paralysis, bloodprashers, migraine, stress, kidney failure , stools, epilepsy, intestines, blasir of closed cells of the body (veins) , Uric acid, ulcer, sinus, joint pain and swelling, prostate, blood pressure, thyroid, Alzheimer's, cervical, allergies, strokes, cold colds, cough, flu, deafness, arthritis, stomach worms, infertility, breast-feeding, pyri Yad, suffering from hundreds of diseases such as physical weakness, hair loss,eye disease, from whom Nimbroz Pharmacy has prepared a pure nutrition diet (Rog fuse) 250, g.m. with amazing herbs, which will not only eliminate the above diseases but will provide a healthy, beautiful, healthy body by getting rid of more than a hundred diseases,

Use for six months continuously for better results,

How toTake -: 1, Teaspoon in lukewarm water empty stomach in morning, afterwards avoid intake of anything else till one hour minimum

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