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Heart Plus Heart Attack (200GM)

INR. 2650/-

For best results use Heart Plus for six months Regularly.

Why Heart Plus

Heart diseases can actually happen in many ways, but we basically believe that after stroke, if there is any obstruction of the heart and blood vessels that carry blood and bring it, then the heart attacks and the person suffers from it. Whereas heart diseases can actually be of a lot of variety, whose side effects and the side effects can also be different, and it is not like that it happens that we have any kind of heart The diseases have huge hands of our routine and daily life habits of our catering is most affect our health, so let us know about some heart diseases and some other things to keep in mind, Actually I have our routine is included because the number of the health problems that are related to heart them our food is the most basic reason is eating habits associated with not only the stomach due to incorrect health problem but then obesity, high Bp such problems haunt us, and since the importance of work in our lives and that dependence has increased so much that we are very low priority compared to the health of the Find which becomes even more stress due to work among these for some reason, this NIMBROZ PHARMACY has prepared pure nutritional foods and herbs Heart Plus, (200 gm) 100% Ayurvedic which provides relief to heart and closed cells,

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Decade back, "Heart Attack" was confined to elderly section of society but nowadays it is having firm grip over younger generation as well thereby increasing the count of heart patients worldwide.

As per a belief of doctors symptoms of this deadly disease can be observed in person one month well in advance,considering which he should immediately proceed for proper treatment to aviod risk to life Some such symptoms are pain in chest,breathing problems,flu,nausea.Experts are of opinion that if these symptoms can be recognized well in time,it can help to overcome this threat to great extent.Let us learn more about these

Shortness of breath
Body needs rest when tired and short of oxygen,it may be due to excessive stress on heart as well thereby establishing itself as a symptom of heart problem.And when it persist consistently it is matter of concern,specially it is very common in ladies.

Unusual Perspiration
Perspiring without any physical activity is something to be taken care of.For proper functioning of heart blood has to be pumped in at frequent intervals which is stressful for body and for this in order to keep body temperature lower,perspiration is bound to happen and when its unusual,consult doctor without ignoring.

Digestion and gastrointestinal problems are common before heart attack but these are usually overlook as these are more common among middle aged people who are more prone to heart diseases. Stomach pain,digestion problems,heart burn or nausea are indicators of heart attack.

Chest pain/pressure or discomfort
Common symptom of heart attack is chest pain and restlessness but some dont feel it.Severe pain in middle of chest,pressure,discomfort,heaviness-in all these conditions,consult doctor as soon as possible.

Pain in other parts of body
Pain or pressure in other parts of body as arms,back,neck,jaws may also cause pain later in chest,so should not be ignored

Feeling of fullness
Feeling of fullness is common before heart attack as well because when blood carrying oxygen doesnot reach heart,it sends signal of pain to stomach.

Anxiety cannot be related to everyday stress,but improper sleep or feeling anxious in night can lead to heart attack later.

Flu like symptoms
Oily skin,tiredness,weakness all are symptoms of flu but can lead to heart attack.So advisable to consult doctor even in chest heaviness or pressure.It shouldnot be disguised as flu.

Pulse and heart rate to beat faster
Abnormal pulse and heart rate are well known indicators of this deadly diseases,leading heart malfunctioning. So NIMBROZ PHARMACY offers you a weapon to combat this enemy inside you HEARTPLUS-Prepared by pure medicinal herbs which is not only effective for heart but paralysis as well.

How to take
1 teaspoon in lukewarm water,empty stomach in morning.Afterwards avoid intake of anything else till 1 hour minimum.


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